Rumors said that something memorable was going to happen. You want to believe in rumors like that, even if it’s always the son of the sister of the village idiot to spread them, if just to hope in vain that it could happen. Well, the rumors said that at some point between the first and the second half of the game, you had to look at the feet of the players, and if you had an irresistible urge to go get a drink at the bar, it was better if you did not and remained sitting watching the feet of the players, because sooner or later something amazing would happen. The game was on a Sunday, with the sun at its zenith, everyone was there to see it. It took me 20 minutes to find a hole in the crowd where I could see something, and I immediately started to look at all the feet, because I did not want to miss anything if you know what I mean. I watched very carefully those feet while the game was going on and the visiting team, they fucked us in the ass, one goal after another. I realized it only after Malik fell to the ground screaming for a violent foul. It was an unexpected carnage, and it is not as if I cared if we were winning or losing, I never care about soccer in general, but it was just a massacre, our players were flying to the right and to the left as easily as water droplets. Nobody was looking at anyone’s feet anymore. We all felt dizzy. Something like that had never happened before. When I saw a pair of vultures roosting on the goal crossbar I really became afraid. They come when there are carcasses to eat so… I remembered what was supposed to happen according the son of the sister of the village idiot, and I thought that god was an asshole if he wanted us to watch this excuse of an event turned sporting genocide. Then I turned around and I saw a bunch of lanky giraffes move towards the stadium, and with them a hundred elephants dressed as if in riot gear, and camels, and an army of animals from all over. Then that rumored miracle happened!