• This performance was recorded entirely live in front of an audience at the TPO venue, February 07, 2015, Bologna (Italy). 9 musicians on the stage + 1 live painting act. Musicians involved: C'mon Tigre + Marco Frattini on drums, Pasquale Mirra on vibraphone, Beppe Scardino on baritone sax, Henk Beeuwkes on alto sax, Federico Pierantoni on trombone and euphonium, Mirko Cisilino on trumpet, Riccardo Filippi on tenor sax. The painter Danijel Zezelj was on a second stage performing an act of live painting.

Directed by

Pietro Borzì

Produced by

Dogntree Films & Zooland Entertainment


Filippo De Palma, Tommaso Alvisi

Sound Engineer

Marco Caldera

Sound Engineers on stage

Vincenzo Provezano, Vincenzo Scorza

Lighting Tech.

Antonio Bianco, Soundlab Service

Stage Photographer

Angelica Muzzi

Organized by

BPM Concerti


a special thanks to all the TPO staff in particular to Flavia Tommasini


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